My Story

I think I first fell in love with art when I saw my great-grandmother's paintings in her house as a little girl. She captured the wildlife of Wisconsin so effortlessly,  in the textured marks she used to create the fur of an animal or rough edge of the tree bark. I grew up in Wisconsin's nature, camping, gardening with my mother, or playing in the yard with my siblings. Art that reflects a bit of the beauty and magic of God's creation is something that I strive for. 

I went on to earn my Bachelors Degree in Art and had the opportunity to study art aboard in Florence, Italy for a month. I loved art history since my first high school art course, so it felt like a dream to be able to sketch next to some of the world's greatest masterpieces. Being in another country also helped me learn a lot about culture and surroundings, and made me aware of how important they are to a person's story. And how art can tell the artist's story. 

With my art I wish to tell my story as a wife and mother, a sister and a daughter, a Midwestern naturalist, an old soul, an art enthusiast, and most importantly a Christian. My illustrations are delicate and detailed, inspired by vintage botanicals and the simple beauty that God created.